find out why should have malak-e watch

  • APP for IOS & Andorid
  • 8 Family Numbers
  • SOS Boutton
  • Smart Watch-fall off Notifications
  • Collision Crash level
  • Monitor Safty Zone
  • Voice Messages
  • Power Saver
  • Indoor LBS & Outdoor GPS
  • Smart Schools Monitor
  • Anti Mosquito Ultra Sound


GPS watch tracker and mobile

The link between parents phones and Malak-e watch helps to enjoy shopping as Malak-e sends notification alert when the children areaway from you more than 10 meters.

Family Numbers

The watch can call and receive calls only from the limited contacts that were set by the parents using Malak-e mobile apps. The watch will block all calls from unlisted numbers and protect the child from strangers.

Historical Location

The guardian can check the previous locations where the child have been according to the time interval set in the application.


Locations of All

The parent can check the current locations of all the kids on the same screen.

Power Saving Mode

The power option is designed in order to save the battery autonomy; by setting the updating time interval of the locations, by choosing different GPS options and by defining the sleep time.

Collision level

A feature is designed to report to parents in case the kid falls down or receive a shock. The level is adjustable according to the desired severity.

Safety Area

A necessity feature used to warn the parents when their kids leave or enter an area they defined (school, home, mall, park, etc..)

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Love traveling – fully focused on child safety

Family trips and travels are one of the most awaited activities all over the year. Losing your child in venues or events, even while commuting in public transportation, is an unpleasant accident. Malak-e watches operate anywhere in the world (subject to technical conditions).