Malak-e Watch is the alternative for mobile phones. Kids are not recommended to have their own smartphones before they are 14 yrs old, but in order to stay safe and connected with their parents, they require a communication device. Malak-e has been designed to assure safety and security of the child while having a mobile phone “a watch”. Malak-e has no cameras, no games, no social media, no online video streaming. It has just the necessary functions to be connected only to parents, and, to carry a watch.
Malak-e Mate Watch is IP67, it can stand water up to 1 meter of depth for 30 minutes. Just what is needed for day to day life and not for diving.
You Can download Malak-e App from Play Store Download for Android 

and from Apple store Download From App Store 

the six digits verification code is sent as an email to the mailbox you have entered in the field above. make sure you have typed the email correctly and that you have access to that email while registering an account.

NOTE: verify Junk folder in case the registration email was not found in your Inbox.


To set family numbers you should enter the option in the application and click  Set family numbers and then put the numbers (for example: first number: 70******) and so on.

Mobile number is the number of the person who is activating the watch on the App.

Watch number is the number of the Malak-e alfa SIM insert in the watch.